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Vintage 1950s Rolleiflex 2.8c TLR Camera - 80 mm f 2.8 Planar Zeiss Lens
Ricoh Super Ricohflex TLR Film Camera w/ 1:3.5 / 8cm Lens
Yashica-Mat Twin Lens Reflex TLR 120 Film Camera Please Read The Description
Yashica Mat 124G, CLA'd, Mint-
Lot VTG Kodak Reflex II TLR Camera Flash + Bars Leather Body & Gear Bag Manual
Camera owner's plea after loss at Thirsk festival
said the camera containing numerous family photos with a black Lowpro case may have been mislaid in Kirkgate or the grounds of Thirsk Hall. Anyone with information should call police on 101. VINTAGE MOTORS: A classic car show and family fun day to raise ...
Vintage camera collector sells off lot that took 50 years to build for $35K
A catalog of vintage cameras can be used as reference pieces holding historical value, or possibly props in theatrical performances and movies. Another buyer might ... Check out PetaPixel for even more photos.
Modding a Vintage Camera for Digital Use
On the left, from top to bottom: the leather cover, the full circular plate ... Do be careful when using a hot glue gun, it is also a dangerous tool and only to be used by experienced adults. Testing my finished product after gluing, and going back ...
Vintage Filter Photo App
Today, we're digging into the features of Viewmatic ($1, plus in-app upgrades on iOS only), a retro-themed photo editor by the makers of the wildly popular Wood Camera ($1) app. Vintage photography fanatics will revel in the app's old-school, Hasselblad ...
Picture a vintage camera lens bracelet on your wrist
The most famous piece of photography fashion ... If you are a vintage camera enthusiast and acquire one of these, you'll probably end up fiddling endlessly with your lens bracelet. The bracelets have been popular enough to sell out, but you can sign ...
Rolleiflex 2.8E Xenotar Twin Lens Reflex
Rolleiflex Film Camera Pin
Vintage 1955 Graflex 22 Model 200 (120 film) TLR camera WITH ACCESSORIES!!!
1950s Rolleiflex Automat 6x6 Model K4A F/3.5 TLR Camera + Leather Case
Rolleiflex TLR With 3.5 Lens 1954-1956 Sn 1703680
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Camera with Guide
DeJUR TLR Camera
Vintage Rolleiflex 3.5 MX-EVS Zeiss Tessar 75mm TLR Camera
Vintage 1950's Rolleiflex 2.8C Type 1 Zeiss-Opton Tessar Lens Serial #1263162
Excellent CLEAN Rollei Magic TLR Schneider Xenar 3.5 75mm Outfit
Vintage Rolleicord DBP Twin Lens Camera, Case, Box, Papers & Rolleiken 3.5
Vtg Ricoh Diacord TLR 120 w/ Case, Ricohflex Lens Shade Seikosha-MXL ~VERY NICE~
Ciro-flex TLR, Fair Condition, Needs Door hinge Pin, Tested and Working.
Zeiss-Ikon Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex Coffee Can
YASHICA-44 TLR 127 Film Camera with Yashikor 1:3.5 f=60mm Lens Gray & Brown
Ciro-flex Model E Vintage TLR, Tested and Working, Good Condition
Vintage Voightlander Brillant Camera
Vintage Ciroflex TLR Camera with Case
Ricohflex Model VIIS - Vintage Camera Decor or Parts Only
Vintage Rolleicord DRP DRGM - AS IS - Fast Shipping !!!
Rolleicord Va Exc Condition Film Tested With Manual and Original Rollei Box
Rolleicord IIa Medium Format TLR w/ 75mm 1:3.5 lens and case Franke & Heidecke
Yashica-24 Twin Lens Reflex 220 As Found Vintage Camera
Yashica-D medium format TLR
Yashica Yashica-Mat Yashinon 1:3,5 f=80mm lens
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex Camera, Zeiss Tessar 3.5 75 mm
1967 Yashica-12 TLR twin Lens Reflex film camera Japan movie
Vintage Rolleiflex 4x4 Baby Gray TLR Film Camera w/ Case & Box FREE SHIP USA
Yashica MAT 124 G Medium Format TLR Film Camera w/ 80mm f/3.5 + Case
Rolleiflex DBP DBGM Synchro-Compur TLR Film Camera - 1:3.5 / 75mm
Rolleiflex Automat MX Zeiss-Opton Tessar 3.5 1951 EX
CIRO-FLEX RAPAX Camera Wollensak LENSES 85mm f/3.5 w/ Leather Case
Vintage Kodak Reflex TLR Film Camera #38907
Rolleiflex 3.5F, clean, little used, and in good operating condition.
VINTAGE YASHICA MAT-124 Very Good Condition FILM TESTED, CLA'd by Mark Hama
Vintage Rolleiflex Camera - RARE! Twin Lens Reflex ROLLEIFLEX Camera + Extras
AS-IS Zeiss Ikoflex Ia 1a TLR 120 Roll Film Camera & 75mm W/Manual and Case
Yashica-Mat 120 Film TLR Camera Copal-MXV Shutter Yashinon 80mm F1:3.5 Lens + AC
Vintage Yashica LM Film Twin Lens Reflex Medium Format Camera 80mm SN102583
Rolleiflex 2.8 A
Rolleiflex Carl Zeiss Tessa 1:3.5 f=7.5cm Shutter 1/500th Back Plate In German
Vintage Yashica Mat-124 Camera - As Is - Un-Tested
Bolsey Model C Twin Lens Reflex Wollensack 44mm f/3.2 Mold Haze Dust
Rollei Rolleicord Vb Typ 1 twin lens camera w/ Schneider Xenar 75mm 3.5
zeiss ikon Ikoflex twin Lens relex cameras
Rolleiflex Synchro Compur Twin Lens Camera 1:3.5 75mm - Franke & Heidecke w/Case
Clip-On Distance Scale for Mamiya C. Early Mamiyaflex Accessory.
Vintage Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Camera Opton 75 3.5 Lens Parts / Repair Free Shipping
Vintage Yashica-Mat LR 6X6 TLR Medium Format Camera
Rolleiflex Bayonet 1 Size (R1) UV filter for Color or B&W w/ Case and Box EX+
Vtg 1930s-40s ROLLEIFLEX Medium Format TLR Twin Lens Reflex CAMERA BOX Only NICE
Vintage Super Ricohflex 6x6 Camera w/ box
Mamiya Sekor Super 180mm f/4.5 Lens, for C220's & C330's, with Sportsfinder Mask
EX++ Rolleiflex 2.8F Chrome Lens Cap EX++
Rolleiflex 3.5F Zeiss Planar 75mm 3.5 TLR 120 Camera Clean *Shutter Needs CLA*
Vintage Haking's Wales Reflex camera with original box
Rolleiflex TLR Lot - 2 Cameras and Rolleikin 2 Kit
Rolleiflex Synchro-Compur DBP - Vintage Camera Decor or Parts
YASHICA - A TLR Twin Lens Medium Format Camera W/ Case EXCELLENT 1D8
Vintage Zeiss Ikon IKOFLEX 120 TLR Camera
Rollei / Rolleiflex 2.8E w/ Schneider Xenotar 80mm f/2.8 (309)
Minolta Autocord TLR camera with 75mm f3.5
Yashica Model 12 TLR - Great Condition, Working Meter and Case!
Yashica D TLR Wonderful Entry Level Medium Format Camera
Rolleiflex 2.8 E-3
Rollei Rolleicord IV with Schneider Xenar 75mm F3.5 lens, 6x6 TLR
Vintage Yashica 44 LM Twin Lens Reflex Camera 4x4 Cm 1950's With Case UNTESTED
Yashica Copal - MXV
Yashica-Mat 120 Film TLR Camera Copal-MXV Shutter Yashinon 80mm F1:3.5 Lens
Rolleiflex Bayonet Mount Lens Shade Hood. Bay III?
Vintage CARL ZEIS IKON IKOFLEX twin lens relex camera
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex Camera w/ Novar-Anastigmat Lens
Vintage Yashica-44 #5863894 TLR Camera for 127 Film
zeiss ikon ikoflex iia 855/16 camera
Vintage Compco Reflex Twin Lens Six Twenty Camera with Compar Lens~made in USA
Rolleicord tlr camera Franke & Heidecke Made in Germany
Agfa Optima Reflex 35mm Twin Lens Reflex For Eye-Level Viewing
Vintage Antique Ricoh Diacord G TLR Camera With Original Box & Leather Case
YASHICA "44" LM (Built in light meter)
1960 Yashica 44LM Twin Lens Reflex Camera & Case
Rolleiflex 4x4 Baby Grey Camera And Case, WORKS!
Vintage RICOH DIACORD -Citizen MV Camera Riken w case - excellent
Welta Peerflekta V TLR Antique Camera 1956 w/ Original Leather Camera Case
Zeiss Ikon Albada Finder Assembly for the IKOFLEX III Camera
Yashica Mat EM Twin Lens Reflex Camera & Case
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Take a ride back in time: Evocative vintage photos of America's drive-in movie theaters
The drive-in movie theatre is an archetypal symbol of old-fashioned America. Featuring in popular films from Grease to Twister, the magic of parking up at the cinema is now an almost forgotten pleasure. So has turned the camera on the ...
Lights … camera … Greenwich! Movie shoot transforms Hamilton Avenue
including the use of vintage cars and turning the Two Door into Willis’ Show Bar. The movie does not have a release date yet. Post photographer John Ferris Robben was on the scene, and more of his photos can be viewed Monday at
Hue Animation Studio for Windows – Easy Claymation Fun
One of my fondest memories of being a kid is when my dad and I made a stop motion movie using his brand new movie camera. We never had a movie camera before, and we did all sorts of cool stuff with it, the best being a stop motion movie utilizing my Barbie ...
Filmmaker blends vintage photos with green screen to make drama
So Litvak came up with a novel approach: He would use hundreds of Civil War-era photographs to create digital backgrounds that would allow the movie ... photos were fed into a computer program that enabled the cinematographer to match the camera ...
Exhibit takes a wide view of Florida
and they range from tropical riverscapes to rooftop views of Florida cities to sunbathing and auto racing on Daytona Beach. "It's amazing how much more beach there was back then," Romnes said. And not all the photos are horizontal; the panoramic camera was ...
Beyonce Kicks It In A Vintage Hangout As Her "Epic" Trailer Drops! (PHOTOS x VIDEO)
mugging for the camera in a studio designed as an old entertainment room. The set is equipped with old school televisions, radios and even a piano on the wall, which Beyonce plays for the pics. In other Mrs. Carter news, the trailer for her new movie EPIC ...