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Antique Vintage 35mm Film Camera Nicca W/ Case Nikkor Nippon Tokyo Rangefinder?
11 Pentax 35mm Cameras
Graflex Century GraphicCamera w/ Kodak Ektar 101mm f4.5 Lens
No. 3 Bulls-Eye Kodak Model A, NICE! Early and Rare Model A!
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F 35mm Camera w/ SMC Takumar 1:1.8/55 Lens
10 Crazy Red-Light Camera Cases
In a Jan. 22 letter sent to both the city of East Cleveland, Ohio, and the company that operates East Cleveland's photo-enforcement program, Postal Service attorney Jennifer S. Breslin said the Post Office should ignore two school-zone speeding ...
iPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 1020 Specs: Can Nokia Defeat iPhone With 41-Megapixel Camera? (PHOTOS)
Last Friday Nokia launched the Lumia 1020 for the U.S. market. Many smartphone enthusiasts have been asking about the comparisons between the new Nokia Lumia 1020 and Apple's iPhone 5, so here is a break down of the two devices comparing various specs and ...
Lytro-Like Accessory Turns Your DSLR Into A Light-Field Camera
A new experimental add-on for DSLRs brings Lytro-like refocus-able photos to any camera, and tosses in a few extra clever features for good measure. The KaleidoCamera, as it’s called, is a unit that sits between your lens and you camera and performs some ...
150 cameras for 150 children
I was fascinated by the photos and at the time I naively said: one day, I'll do that too ... Almost nothing came from black people. But this is not the real Africa." Responding to this problem, Schlingensief argued: "We will now stop sending the kind ...
Three cool cameras for photo enthusiasts
The reviewers also appreciated the camera’s shutter speed and built-in editing function. Mitch explained: “Kasi ‘yung sa mga usual na DSLR, ise-set mo muna bago ka mag-take ng shots manually. Ito, after mo mag-shoot, pwede mo na siya i-edit.”
Vintage Leica IIIf 35mm Rangefinder Camera Summarit 5cm 1:1,5 Lens Parts Resto
Kodak 35 with Kodak Kodex No. 1 lens and fitted case
Tokyo Kogaku (Topcon) RE Auto-Topcor 200mm f/5.6 lens ***Near Mint!!!
Canon A-1 35mm Camera
Pentax MX Camera Package 3 Lenses, Bag, Strap, Flash
Single Plastic 8mm Film Reel - 50 Feet / Kodak / Gray
Vintage Leica IIIc 35mm Rangefinder Camera Summitar 5cm 1:2 Lens
Vintage Large Lens
Vintage Hasselblad 500EL//M SLF Film Camera Body Only w/ Lens Caps & Manual Repr
Vintage Lot of 11 8mm Movie Film Reels 3"/50ft
Leica M3 empty box
Lot of Vintage Metal Kodak Film Containers. Canisters.
Rolleiflex Hellrot Red Camera Lens Filter w case Germany Bay III 
Vintage NIKON FE 35mm SLR Film Camera with Series E 50mm 1:1.8 Lens
Bell & Howell Lumina 1.2 Auto Load 8MM Movie Projector tested & WORKS
Vintage Bell & Howell 1574 16mm Film Projector Filmosound Film Sound
Vintage Videoscope Anamorphic 35mm Projection Lens
Graflex Sports Viewfinder masks of varying sizes (5)
Leicaflex SL Camera body only with strap and body cap
Vintage KODAK Retina Ib Camera/Case & Accessories
QRS 35mm Kamra by QRS Company Bakelite Camera w/ Case & Original Box
Kodak Retina 1a 35mm Vintage Camera
Kodak Ektra Boxes
Beseler 4 x 4 lens board w 39mm Opening for 23c 45m CB7 enlarger
Nishika N8000 35mm 3D Film Camera
Rolleicord DBP 1316682 DBGM Camera And One More Piece
Pentax K1000 SLR Camera Lot Lens Filter Vivitar Auto Thyristor Flash Tamron 35mm
busch pressman camera Model C
Vintage Yashica Sequelle 35mm Camera & Flash & Extras
Vintage Graflex Body Shells (total of 5) and accessory
Amazing Nimslo 3D Camera Quadra Lens 35mm w/Opti-Lite Flash Box Ins
Vintage Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45MM 1:2 Lens
Graf Telephoto 75mm f/4.5 C-Mount Lens
Lot of 3 Antique Rochester Poco Camera Film Plates AS IS
2 x Flash Socket Caps for Leica M1/M2/M3, Flash Socket Cover
Graflex xl film back adapter
Kodak Vintage No. 2C black metal tripod
Lens for the camera. FED.
Vintage Lecia Rangefinder Red Clam Shell Empty Camera Display Box or Case
Org Vintage Nikon F1 35mm camera F1.4 50mm Nikkor lens Photomic FTn Finder/Meter
Vintage Eastman Kodak Kodascope Sixteen - 20 16mm Movie Projector & Case Works!
Argus C3 Rangefinder 35mm Camera With F 3.5 50mm Cintar Lens
SPECTRALSTAR Light Meter, Made in Japan
Aires 35-V 35mm Rangefinder Camera with 2 Lens
Yashica 635 35mm Conversion Adapter Kit w/case
Lot of Photography Paper Kodak, Haloid, Dupont
Nikon DS1 Aperture Control Attachment for Nikon F2s Camera IN BOX # 609105 LN
Antique Kodak Model C No. 3-A Folding Pocket Camera Accordion 1909-1910
Polaroid One Step Auto Focus 600 Film instant picture Vintage Camera WORKS GREAT
Vintage Wooden 8x10 Film Holder-SHOWS WEAR
Vintage Leica III? No 212227 35mm Rangefinder Camera Summar 5cm 1:2 Lens
Vintage Early 20c R.B. Tele Graflex Series B 3 1/4 x 4 1/4" SLR Camera
Straco Blacbak Cards 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 Vintage Darkroom Albert Studio Camera
Image Tech 35mm 3D FX Camera 
Kalart Focuspot Graflex Crown Speed Graphic 4x5 Large Format Focus
ROLLEICORD Va 16 EXPOSURE KIT - Franke & Heidecke - NIB
antique kodak tripod 1897
Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Telemegor f 5.5 180mm Lens Black W/ Orig Case 2970234
Rollei Rolleiparkeil 2 Rolleinar 2(Rolleinar Bay 3) In the Original Case.
yashica electro 35 camera
Vintage Kodak Retina III C in fitted case with Brochure
Asahi Pentax K1000 camera W/Sakar MC AUTO 1:3.5-45 f=35-70mm Zoom/C-macro Lens
Vintage Bell & Howell Filmosound 285 16 mm Film Projector, FPOR (390)
Vintage Fujica Compact Deluxe 35mm Camera w/f=4.5cm Lens & Case
M42 Mount Camera Lens LOT, Yashica, Mamiya/Sekor 1.4, Rikenon, Cosinon 1.4
Vintage Rare Black Metal Daylight Spool 16mm 4 7/8" 200ft Film Reel
Bolex D8L 8mm Movie Camera Working But Needs Service
Graflex Pommel Cap
X-Fujinon 50mm F1.9 FM Fuji Fujica Prime Lens Fuji Photo Film Japan, #T
Steinheil Munchen Cassar VL 105mm f3.8 Lens M42 Bubble Bokeh *PARTS/REPAIR*
Nikon EM SLR 35mm Film Camera – With Series E 50mm 1:1.8 Lens
9 Kodak Film Metal Canisters Caps Aluminum 1 3/4" arts & craft small storage
Uncommon Black Graflex XL Sports Finder For A 100mm Lens *FREE USA SHIPPING*
Antique GRAFLEX Speed Graphic Camera w KALART Synchronized Range Finder
Vintage Excel Prep 16 MM Movie Projector. Model P39. Circa 1940s. Made in USA.
Vintage Japanese camera lens- Konishiroku Tokyo Hexer Series IIA No flaws
Vintage Kodak Kodapod in Original Box
KodakSlide Stereo Viewer II
Ansco Aluminum 35 mm 120 Film Cans Lot of 6 with Super Hypan Film Cartridge
Lot 5 Metal Kodak and 4 Cardboard Film Containers
Steinheil Munchen Cassaron 40mm f/3.5 VL M42 Screw Mount
Vintage Antique E.K. Co. 8mm 3" 50ft Film Reel Metal Black
Fuji DL-300 1:2.8 35mm Film Point & Shoot Camera Fujinon
Ricoh KR-30SP 35mm SLR camera
Honeywell Heiland Pentax H1 Camera w/ 3 lenses, flash, exposure meter,self-timer
vintage kalart accessary bar for flash
Vintage CHAS. BESELER MAGIC LANERN Projector w/ case
Vintage camera bracket
CANON AE-1 Light Seal Kit
MAMIYA, RIGHT ANGLE GRIP for the RB67 or645 cameras.
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New Vintage Goldmine: Blue’s Hard Goods (Photos)
If you’re a vintage lover, few shopping experiences come close to the ... With plans in the works for Western movie screenings, late-night shopping, trunk shows, and music events, you will see a lot more of Blue’s Hard Goods this summer.
Preview Unseen Vintage Pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, and More Up for Auction
The Movie Star News Collection, believed to be the most expansive archive of Hollywood photography in the world, will be sold in a series of auctions next week in New York City. Started in 1939 by photographer Irving Klaw, the collection contains some ...
Chloë Moretz Daring to Dare in Hot, Hot Pink (9 photos!)
Chloë Grace Moretz is a movie industry veteran in every sense of the word. Although she’s just 16, she tells the UK edition of InStyle magazine that on the set she demands to ... Vaughn’s 2010 action film “Kick-Ass.” She played self-styled ...
Beyonce Kicks It In A Vintage Hangout As Her "Epic" Trailer Drops! (PHOTOS x VIDEO)
mugging for the camera in a studio designed as an old entertainment room. The set is equipped with old school televisions, radios and even a piano on the wall, which Beyonce plays for the pics. In other Mrs. Carter news, the trailer for her new movie EPIC ...
Exhibit takes a wide view of Florida
and they range from tropical riverscapes to rooftop views of Florida cities to sunbathing and auto racing on Daytona Beach. "It's amazing how much more beach there was back then," Romnes said. And not all the photos are horizontal; the panoramic camera was ...
Star Fashion Update: Summer Styles of Emma Watson [PHOTOS]
Emma Watson ... where she met her friend. Emma looked like she was getting into the spirit of summer as she made an effort for her day out in the dazzling yet simple dress, which had a vintage feel. If Emma was trying to go incognito then ...